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Cena: 7.203,24 din ≈ 60,00 €


We can meet the demand for sunflower pellets. Yes we can pack it in Big Bag as you like. We Agricultural Plants and Production Magazine in Spain. We are one of the largest manufacturing and sales companies in the UK and Spain. The following is the purchase procedure:

Sales price CIF .... 60 euros per MT


Total moisture that received 9.19%
ash in dry 3.97%
Ash as received 3.61%
Chemical volatiles 73.65%
non-existent as I gained 66.88%
heat value in dry 4813 kcal / kg (20.15 MJ / kg) has a
calorific value of 4371 kcal / kg (18.30 MJ / kg)
with a calorific value of 4064 kcal / kg (17.02 MJ / kg)
in dry sulfur of 0.25%
sulfur as I received 0.23%
diameter 8 mm
length 4-10 mm
Density 1-1.4 kg / 3
Weight of weight 650 kg / m ^ 3

We are producing sunflower shell peas, sunflower mahuna is the best in its class. It
also contains a percentage of oil, so its calorific value is good in its class. Search

customers for our contact product.please more information

Minimal order: 100t

Maximum Order: 50000t

Delivery Way: From Ships Port of Shipment

: Castellon Port / Spain
Delivery Time: 30 Business Days to Asia, Europe 8 Business Days and 23 Days to Work America.

Packaging, shipping and shipping are done after we have confirmation of the order,
delivery address or port address and approvals.

Payment: T / T Swift Bank to transfer

overseas for vessel tracking, and freight carrier, condition 50% after delivery to destination port.

For an emergency response to the pellets, please contact our sales department at


Kategorija: Semenska roba
Vrsta oglasa: Ponuda
Cena: 7.203,24 din
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